Our story

My family and I moved from Mexico City to Vancouver in December 2018. I have two kids, and they are the reason why we moved to Canada.

Elderberry Floral is the place where I was able to turn my floral hobby into a small business. Like most women, I love flowers, and I’ve taken courses and workshops and customized training with extraordinary people. I dedicate my time to advancing my designs, being a little bit better every day, and making our business successful.

I source the flowers from local growers with the highest quality. We are so lucky to have many local growers with the widest variety of flowers. We also buy imported flowers from Holland, France, and Thailand, and our roses are mainly imported from Colombia and Ecuador.

I like to support other small businesses with local products that are handmade, handcrafted, vegan and organic, just because I love nature and natural products.
Everything in the store is unique; our bouquets and arrangements are handcrafted with love and thankfulness. My team of floral designers and myself enjoy what we do every day, and this is something that you can see and feel in our designs.

I can’t be more grateful to be here. To create something that brings happiness to others or being able to support with flowers during difficult times. Sharing what I can do is what I enjoy the most.

Alma Hegewisch

Owner & Principal Florist

Elderberry Floral