Floral Fantasies Come to Life: Our Experience at Fleurs de Villes NOËL 2023

Welcome to a wonderland of floral artistry! We're thrilled to share our enchanting experience at the renowned Fleurs de Villes NOËL event, unfolding in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. Our display, part of a mesmerizing floral trail, awaits you at stops 35 and 36 at the Sinclair Centre. Here, our whimsical gingerbread man adorned with elegant magnolias and vibrant carnations, along with two candy canes crafted from roses and carnations, all nestled in lush seasonal greenery, invites you into a festive fantasy. This event is not just a showcase of our creativity but a testament to the joy and challenge of working with nature's most beautiful creations. Join us in this floral fairytale, and while the display may be temporary, the memories and inspiration it brings are everlasting. To learn more about this vibrant trail and other displays, visit the Fleurs de Villes website here.

Let's talk gingerbread! Our gingerbread man, made from magnolias and carnations, is our fun twist on this holiday classic. Gingerbread has existed since medieval times, but we decided to shake things up. We turned this sweet treat into a blooming spectacle. It's our way of mixing old traditions with our love for flowers. Imagine this: a gingerbread man that doesn't just smell amazing but looks stunning too!

Gingerbread man made with flowers

Now, let's sweeten things up with our candy canes! We took these iconic holiday treats and gave them a floral twist. We created candy canes that feast for the eyes using roses and carnations. Candy canes have been a symbol of holiday cheer for ages, and we thought, why not blend their festive spirit with the beauty of flowers? It's our little way of adding extra joy to the holidays. Like the gingerbread man, these aren't your average candy canes – they're a bloom-filled celebration of the season!

Candy canes made with flowers

We thrive on challenges and had a blast participating in the Fleurs de Villes NOËL event. Embracing each new project enthusiastically, we find that every challenge is an opportunity to push our creative boundaries. This event was no exception, allowing us to showcase our floral artistry in a vibrant and bustling setting. As we put together each flower and leaf, we were reminded of the power of flowers to bring joy and wonder. Our participation in such a prestigious event honed our skills. It deepened our appreciation for floral design as an art form. 

Fleurs de Villes - Elderberry installation

We're filled with gratitude and inspiration as we wrap up our journey through the Fleurs de Villes NOËL event. This experience has us buzzing with excitement to be a part of your special moments, too. Whether it's a wedding, engagement, graduation, or birthday party, we're ready to bring our floral creativity to your events. Just like we transformed flowers into festive delights, we can't wait to add a touch of flower magic to your celebrations.

This event was a beautiful reminder of how flowers transform spaces and moments. Visit the Fleurs de Villes NOËL event from December 8th to 17th, 2023, and witness the wonder for yourself. Thank you for joining us on this floral adventure, and we look forward to making your next event bloom with beauty.